Kele Roll Cake

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A mouth-watering, light and fluffy roll cake made with premium Japanese flour, served with a generous filling of flavourful yet delicate cream. Artisanal, handcrafted, hand-rolled with passion.

Our Story   1/2
Most families bring home souvenirs from vacations. We brought back the Japanese roru-keiki roll cake recipe.
Add in a dash of 35 years of pastry-making, a dollop of premium ingredients, and a whole lot of heart. We present you KELE Roll Cake.
But it was never that simple!
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Our Story   2/2
KELE Roll Cake
It began with a family trip like no other. Instead of bringing home just souvenirs, we brought home an idea, our inspiration, and a heady enthusiasm for the popular Japanese roll cake, roru-keiki. What came naturally after was the birth of KELE Roll Cake in 2017. Voila!
If only it was that simple!
As confectioners rooted in more than three decades of pastry-making at our parent company KELE, we took the liberty to craft these premium Japanese roll cakes with local and seasonal flavours. Since the very day we returned from our vacation, stepped into the kitchen and started rolling out our creations (excuse our pun!), the recipe has been tweaked, re-tweaked and meticulous re-tweaked countless times. That said, we still believe in championing the premium Japanese standard that roru-keikis are known for – that handmade soft and fluffy cake that’s rolled up with a light yet luscious filling… Yummm…
So, no cutting corners!
Staying true to the KELE’s philosophy, we are committed to bringing you a roll cake that is fresh in every sense. With only the freshest and finest quality ingredients, no artificial preservatives, made fresh, and delivered to you fresh. We will never feed our customers anything less than awesome.
And while we aim to continuously perfect the recipe, the KELE Roll Cake you enjoy today are our pride and joy. A creation we’d love to share with you.
Choose from our delicious selection of 12 flavours, which includes sexy flavours like Rose Cream Cheese, and Lychee Martini, as well as homely and familiar ones like Special Pandan, and Avocado Gula Melaka. (Pssst… You also don’t want to miss out on bestsellers like Mao Shan Wang, Avocado with Macadamia Nut, and Piña Colada)
We promise you one that you’ll definitely want to go (or roll!) with.
Our Principle & Heritage
Our guiding principle is simple: Quality.
Despite our roots as a humble confectionary shop located in Jurong in 1983, KELE strives to serve a variety of high quality pastries and cakes. Whether it's Pineapple Tarts, Cookies, Mooncakes or other festive goodies, there is absolutely no compromise on using the best ingredients.
35 years on, KELE is now synonymous with Pineapple Tarts, where it was “Voted Best Pineapple Tarts in Singapore”. Every Lunar New Year, they would be well sold out months before the festive season begins. This success would not have been possible without our very special and loyal customers. Customers who return year after year. Customers who have become our friends.
It is these friendships that helped us gather valuable feedback and improve on our confectionaries. But, most importantly, it is these friendships that keep us humble and remind us to pay it forward with our guiding principle.
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Want Your Slice of the Cake?
We opened our first store in 2018. Now, we are rolling out plans to expand our footprint. KELE Roll Cake is looking for franchisees to join us on our exciting roru-keiki journey!
As franchisees, you’ll be joining a family of passionate confectioners rooted in 35 years of rich pastry-making history, guided by a philosophy in quality and a strong innovative spirit.
If you are in the business of F&B management and operations, have the financial capabilities to open a store, and identify with our ethos, you could be the champions of our premium Japanese roru-keikis!
Ready to rock and roll? Or find out more?
Tell us more about yourself, here.
Looking for a ful-filling career in the F&B industry? KELE might be it.
At KELE, you’ll get to work with a family of passionate pastry-makers who strive for quality and innovation in our creations. While we work hard at our craft, we also aim to do so in a happy and cheerful working environment.
And the icing on the cake? You’ll be working in the midst of our delicious pastries and even get to try new creations first-hand too!
If you think you’ll be a sweet addition to our team, email us at career@kele.sg with your resume telling us how you would like to contribute to KELE. We’ll notify you if there is a job opportunity!
We are always happy to receive feedback, suggestions and requests for collaborations! Do allow us some time to get back to you.
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